How to Factory Reset an Onn Soundbar

Struggling with pairing problems or distorted audio from your budget Onn soundbar?

Performing a factory reset can restore functionality and default settings, often resolving these frustrating issues.

Let’s dive in to the step-by-step process for successfully resetting an Onn soundbar model.

How to Factory Reset an Onn Soundbar

To factory reset an Onn soundbar, you need to locate the small, round “Reset” button on the rear or bottom of the soundbar, press and hold this button down for 5-10 seconds using a paperclip until the soundbar turns off.

Once it powers back on after you release the reset button, the soundbar will be restored to original factory default settings.

This resets any paired Bluetooth devices, WiFi networks, custom audio presets, and streaming app accounts.

The reset takes just seconds to perform. We’ll explore the steps more in detail further in this article.

But in a nutshell, factory resetting an Onn soundbar involves pressing and holding the reset button for 5-10 seconds to wipe settings and restore to out-of-the-box conditions in just minutes.

Why Factory Reset an Onn Soundbar

There are a few reasons why you may want to factory reset your Onn soundbar. Resetting it to its default factory settings can fix issues with connectivity or pairing, resolve persistent audio problems you may be experiencing, or simply prepare the soundbar for a new owner if you are selling it or giving it away.

A factory reset will clear any customized settings, presets, bass/treble levels, etc that you have configured on your soundbar. It will also disconnect any paired Bluetooth devices and un-join the soundbar from your WiFi network. So a reset essentially gives you a fresh start as if the soundbar just came out of the box.

Some common situations when factory resetting an Onn soundbar can help are:

You are having trouble getting the soundbar to pair with your TV either via Bluetooth, optical audio, HDMI ARC, or other means. Resetting may allow you to successfully reconnect from scratch. 

The sound coming from the soundbar exhibits popping noises, heavy static/interference, or audio dropouts. A factory reset will often correct software/connectivity issues causing erratic audio.

You have forgotten the WiFi password that the soundbar is connected to and cannot access the device anymore as a result. A reset will allow you to connect to a new WiFi network successfully. 

You are preparing to sell or give away your used Onn soundbar. In this case, you will want to factory reset the device so that all of your personal settings, streaming app accounts, etc are cleared out before handing it over to someone else.

Before You Factory Reset  

Before executing a factory reset on your Onn soundbar, it is a good idea take care of a few things in preparation:  

Back up any custom settings that you want to be able to retrieve afterwards – this may include preset audio levels, custom EQ profiles, WiFi passwords, and pairing codes/info for any Bluetooth devices that are stored on the soundbar.

Refer to your device’s instruction manual on how to access these settings before resetting.

Manually disconnect or un-pair all Bluetooth devices that may be currently linked with the soundbar.

This includes phones, tablets, computers or any other gadgets connected wirelessly. They will need to be re-paired from scratch after the reset. 

Similarly, if your Onn soundbar model has WiFi capability and is connected to your home wireless network, take note of the network name and password so you can easily reconnect following the factory reset procedure.

All network settings will be erased during a reset.

By backing up important info ahead of time and disconnecting all paired accessories, you ensure the reset process goes smoothly and you don’t lose any vital connectivity details or custom settings.

Locate the Reset Button  

The factory reset procedure involves locating and pressing the reset button on your Onn soundbar for an extended period of time.

So first you need to find where this reset button is situated. 

Onn soundbars have a small round button labeled either “Reset” or with a factory reset icon, located on the rear panel or bottom side of the soundbar.

It is usually in close proximity to other ports/buttons like power inlet, input selection, volume etc. 

Carefully examine the back and underside area of your specific Onn soundbar to spot this reset button before going ahead with the next steps.

Its exact position varies across different models but is easy to identify once you know what to look for.

Factory Reset Step-by-Step

Once you have backed up settings, disconnected paired devices, and located the reset button, follow these step-by-step instructions to successfully factory reset your Onn soundbar:

1. Power On Soundbar  

First, confirm that the soundbar is powered on before attempting to reset it. Press the power button on either the soundbar itself or remote control to turn it on if it is not already. Reset will not work if the device is powered off. 

2. Press and Hold Reset Button

Use a thin, pointed object like an unbent paperclip to press and HOLD the reset button you located in the prior step. Press firmly and keep holding without letting go.

Hold the reset button down for between 5 to 10 seconds. During this time, the soundbar will abruptly power off – this means the reset is working.  

3. Power Soundbar Back On 

After holding the reset button down for sufficient time, release your pressure and allow the soundbar to restart and boot up as normal.

Press the power button again if needed to turn the soundbar back on. It will now have reverted to original factory default settings. 

4. Reconnect Devices Afterwards 

Following the reset process, you will have to reconnect all of the accessories and reconfigure network settings that were wiped:

Re-pair Bluetooth Devices   

Any phones, tablets, computers or other Bluetooth gadgets that were previously paired with the soundbar will have had their association erased.

You will need to re-pair each device again from scratch – refer to pairing instructions for the specific gadgets.

Connect to Television

Similarly, the soundbar’s connectivity with your TV will be reset, so you will likely need to re-establish this video connection via ports like Optical, HDMI ARC, Aux etc depending on how you had it set up originally. Consult TV and soundbar manuals for help.

Rejoin WiFi Network  

For Onn soundbar models that have built-in WiFi and can connect directly to your home wireless network, you will need to open up the device’s settings menu and re-search, select and enter password for your network again after a factory reset.

Confirm Default Settings Restored  

As the final step after resetting and reconnecting your Onn soundbar, test out some audio and streaming functionality confirm that factory default settings have been reloaded successfully.

You can play music from a paired phone and see if customizable bass/treble presets have gone back to default levels for example.

Or try using Netflix/Youtube apps – any stored account info should be wiped with apps reset to their original login screens.

If for some reason you still experience issues, consult your Onn soundbar’s instruction manual for more troubleshooting tips.

But a clean factory reset should resolve several common problems faced with these budget soundbars.


In conclusion, factory resetting your Onn soundbar can fix a variety of issues related to connectivity, audio problems, and preparing the device for resale.

By locating the reset button, holding it down for 5-10 seconds, and properly re-paring accessories afterwards, you can restore your soundbar to original settings.

Just be sure to back up any customizations beforehand. With this straightforward process, you can breathe new life into a problematic Onn soundbar.