How To Reset Your Soundbar Remote and Audio Settings

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Embark on a journey to audio perfection – our visual guide to resetting soundbar settings begins here

Few things are more frustrating than your soundbar remote mysteriously not working or the audio cutting in and out. Before you panic and call for service, there’s often a simple solution – resetting your soundbar.

Resetting the various components of your soundbar like the remote, audio settings, wireless subwoofer, Bluetooth and smart features can get it back up and running if it’s acting up.

While the reset process varies based on your specific soundbar model, there are general steps you can follow to troubleshoot common issues.

Methods to Reset Soundbar Remote

Image illustrating the methods for resetting a soundbar remote control, with a person performing one of the methods

Unlock the potential of your soundbar remote – our visual guide to resetting methods begins here

Resetting your soundbar remote is often the first troubleshooting step if the remote starts behaving erratically or stops controlling the soundbar.

There are several methods you can try to reset the remote. Locate the reset button on the back or bottom of the remote, usually a very small circular button recessed into the plastic.

Use a pin or paperclip to press and hold this button for 5-10 seconds until the LED light on the remote flashes a few times. This indicates the reset is complete.

All preset and paired info is cleared. Remove the batteries from the remote for 30 seconds before reinserting them.

Make sure to press any buttons like volume or mute to discharge any residual power after taking out the batteries. This resets all remote settings. You may need to re-pair it to the soundbar if they were pre-linked.

Refer to your soundbar manual or online guides to check if there is a specific button sequence that performs a reset.

Many soundbars have a reset code like holding Volume Up and Volume Down simultaneously for 10 seconds.

The remote LED may flash when done. As a last resort if none of those methods work, you can try a hardware factory reset on the soundbar itself.

This clears any paired remotes, but you’ll have to connect the remote afterwards. If the remote continues exhibiting issues after resetting, it likely indicates a hardware problem requiring replacement.

Try switching to IR mode if available as a backup until you obtain a replacement remote.

Resetting Audio Settings Like Volume Back To Default

Image illustrating the process of resetting audio settings like volume to default on a soundbar, with a soundbar remote control

Restore audio harmony: Our visual guide on resetting audio settings takes you back to the default

Your soundbar lets you customize various audio parameters like volume, EQ, surround profiles, subwoofer level, etc.

But sometimes you may wish to start fresh and reset everything back to the default factory settings. Navigate to the sound settings menu either on the soundbar display or a mobile app if available.

Look for an option like “Reset to Default” or “Factory Reset”. This will globally reset any customized audio tweaks back to default.

Check the soundbar manual or online for a hardware reset button, usually tiny and recessed, requiring a pin press for 5-10 seconds.

Hold this down until the soundbar beeps or displays a reset confirmation. As a last resort, unplug the soundbar power cord completely for 1 minute.

When plugged back in, all settings including audio will be at factory default. You lose all presets and preferences though.

Some soundbar mobile apps allow you to factory reset specific parameters like just Bluetooth connections or MultiEQ settings instead of everything.

Useful if you just want to reset certain audio functions. Be aware that factory resetting the audio deletes any custom EQ presets, surround profiles, volume levels etc that you tailored.

Make sure to document your preferred settings before resetting in case you want to re-apply them afterwards.

Resetting Soundbar Subwoofer When Cutting Out

Image illustrating the process of resetting audio settings like volume to default on a soundbar, with a soundbar remote control

Restore audio harmony: Our visual guide on resetting audio settings takes you back to the default

Wireless subwoofers paired to soundbars can sometimes experience intermittent dropouts or cutting out entirely.

Should this happen, resetting the connection between the soundbar and subwoofer will usually resolve any wireless issues:

Power cycle both the soundbar and subwoofer by unplugging them from power for 60 seconds, then reconnecting.

Turn them on which will re-establish the wireless handshake. Press any pairing, sync or connect button located on the subwoofer itself to kickstart the linking process.

Check your manual for model-specific steps. Perform a factory reset on just the soundbar from the settings menu or hardware button.

Avoid resetting the sub. Reconnect it after the soundbar resets. If the subwoofer has wireless frequency settings like 50Hz vs 100Hz, ensure both units match. Factory resetting can cause mismatched frequencies.

Temporarily position the subwoofer closer to the soundbar, like 3-5 feet away, and test if dropouts still occur. Too much distance can disrupt wireless signal.

Check for interference from objects like walls, metal cabinets, or other electronics affecting signal between the soundbar and subwoofer.

If you continue experiencing cut outs after trying these troubleshooting tips, the subwoofer’s wireless module itself may be faulty.

You’ll need to contact the soundbar manufacturer about repair or replacement options. A hardware issue requires service.

Steps To Reset Connected Devices Like Bluetooth

Image illustrating the steps to reset connected devices like Bluetooth on a soundbar, with a soundbar remote control and a smartphone displaying Bluetooth settings

Experience seamless connectivity: Our visual guide walks you through resetting Bluetooth devices on your soundbar

Resetting your soundbar’s Bluetooth settings can help resolve situations where your phone, tablet or other device struggles connecting or pairing via Bluetooth.

Navigate to the soundbar’s settings menu and look for an option like “Disconnect All Devices” or “Reset Bluetooth Pairings” to clear previously connected devices.

Many soundbars have a Bluetooth specific reset button on the rear panel. Consult your owner’s manual on how to press this with a pin to reset Bluetooth.

Perform a full factory reset of the entire soundbar unit through the settings menu or hardware button. This will wipe all Bluetooth pairings so you’ll need to reconnect devices.

On the device you are trying to pair like a phone, go into network settings and forget/disconnect the soundbar to clear it from the list of Bluetooth devices.

Toggle Bluetooth off and back on again on your device. Also power cycle the phone or tablet completely after forgetting the soundbar.

Ensure strong Bluetooth reception by moving the device closer to the soundbar temporarily during pairing. Interference can disrupt pairing.

Check for sources of wireless interference like routers, microwaves, or other electronics which may disrupt Bluetooth connectivity.

Resetting Bluetooth essentially clears out any stored connection info and lets you start fresh with pairing devices to the soundbar. If issues persist after a reset, interference is likely the cause.

Resetting Smart Soundbar Models To Default Settings

Image illustrating the process of resetting smart soundbar models to default settings, with a smart soundbar and a remote control

Resetting smart soundbar models made simple – our visual guide takes you back to the default settings

Smart soundbars with added features like built-in voice assistants, HDMI ARC/eARC, music streaming, require both hardware and software resets:

Perform factory reset on the soundbar hardware itself, clearing all device connections like Bluetooth and HDMI-CEC.

Use the settings menu or pinhole reset button. Open the corresponding app like Bose Soundbar 500, Sonos S2, Yamaha Sound Bar Remote app, etc. and reset the soundbar to defaults in the app.

Check for options in the app to reset specific functions like just streaming music presets or MultiEQ instead of everything.

This avoids losing wanted settings. Deregister the soundbar from your online accounts if linked to providers like Spotify, HDMI Control Center, Alexa, etc. Re-add it after to clear associated settings.

Disconnect the power cord and all HDMI cables from the soundbar for 2 minutes, then reconnect to fully clear memory.


Resetting your soundbar, whether it’s the remote, audio settings, wireless subwoofer, Bluetooth connectivity or smart features, can be a crucial troubleshooting step to restore normal operation.

Following the appropriate reset methods outlined for each soundbar component gives you a chance to clear any corrupted settings, reconnect devices, and start fresh.

Be sure to consult your owner’s manual or online support for model-specific reset procedures. While resetting the soundbar may seem time-consuming, it can save you from more complex hardware repairs or replacement.

Just be sure to note any custom settings before performing a factory reset so you can easily reconfigure your preferred audio profiles afterwards.

With a bit of patience and testing, resetting lets you revive your soundbar to ensure it continues delivering robust, immersive sound.


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