How to Put Your Bose Soundbar Into Pairing Mode

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Struggling with inferior audio from your portable devices? Putting your Bose soundbar into pairing mode can provide a Bluetooth soundtrack solution.

Connecting your Bose soundbar wirelessly to Bluetooth devices like smartphones and computers is a straightforward process that allows convenient playback through a premium speaker system.

Let’s dive into the clear steps for initiating pairing mode, linking your equipment, and utilizing this wireless connectivity.

How to Initiate Pairing Mode on a Bose Soundbar

To put your Bose soundbar into pairing mode, locate and press the small pairing button on the soundbar for a few seconds until the activity light blinks.

This signals it is discoverable for Bluetooth connections.

Details below on that and everything else needed for superior wireless audio.

Why Put Your Bose Soundbar Into Pairing Mode

Putting your Bose soundbar into pairing mode allows you to connect it with other Bluetooth devices like phones, tablets and computers.

This wireless connectivity enables you to play audio from your phone, computer or tablet through the superior speaker system of the Bose soundbar, rather than relying on the smaller built-in speakers on those devices.

Pairing is necessary for the initial set up of your soundbar with your TV or other audio sources as well.

Overall, putting your Bose soundbar into pairing mode enables wireless control and connectivity, superior sound quality when playing audio from other devices, simple set up with your other entertainment equipment, and convenience over using wired connections.

Preparing for Pairing

Before attempting to put your Bose soundbar into pairing mode to connect it with other devices, some preparation needs to be done first.

Make sure that your Bose soundbar is powered on and working correctly before pairing, or else your devices will not find it to connect.

Also have the Bluetooth device, like your phone, tablet or computer, ready and with Bluetooth activated so that it can locate the soundbar signal and link up.

Make sure that your device and the Bose soundbar are within appropriate range for Bluetooth connectivity as well.

The range for Bluetooth devices is usually around 30 feet without obstructions, sometimes longer or shorter depending on environmental factors.

Move the two devices closer at first just to ensure quicker pairing before moving the control device further away.

Locate the pairing and Bluetooth buttons on the soundbar as well.

There will typically be a button for initiating pairing mode, which is often recessed and needs a paperclip or sharp object to press.

Know the location and operation of this key control prior to putting the system into pairing mode.

Also, some Bose soundbar models have a companion app that can be used on devices to 

initiate the pairing mode rather than using the button on the hardware itself.

Initiating Pairing Mode

To actually put the Bose soundbar into discoverable pairing mode, locate the pairing button first, which is likely a recessed small button that needs a paperclip or pin to press.

Use a sharp narrow object to press and hold this button for a few seconds until the activity light begins flashing.

This flashing is signaling that the pairing mode has been activated.

Continue holding the button down for up to 10-20 seconds if the light does not immediately start flashing when pressed.

The light flashing may also alternate colors when trying to pair.

Consult your soundbar manual to understand what the specific lights on your model indicate.

Releasing the button once the light is flashing constantly will enable the soundbar to show up on your device’s Bluetooth menu.

As mentioned previously, some Bose soundbar models will have a companion app that can initiate pairing mode rather than using the physical button on the hardware.

Open the Bose app if available, navigate to add or pair new device, and it should activate the pairing mode from there.

Using the app to activate is generally quicker and simpler than locating and pressing the small pairing button on the soundbar hardware itself.

Connecting Your Device

Once the Bose soundbar is in pairing mode, indicated by the blinking light, you can connect your phone, tablet computer or other Bluetooth device to it.

On your device, ensure that Bluetooth connectivity is enabled so that it can now search and locate the soundbar signal.

Under the device’s Bluetooth settings or connection menu, there should now be a listing for the soundbar which will likely show its model number.

Select the Bose soundbar from the available Bluetooth device list to initiate pairing.

Your device will send a pairing code to the soundbar, which needs to be accepted, and then the Bose system will register your device as paired and connected.

There may be an audio cue from the soundbar when pairing successfully in addition to a change in the light status.

Your device screen should also now indicate that the Bose soundbar is connected for audio output rather than the built-in speakers.

Now that the two systems are paired, there is no need to repeat this full process again.
The connection persists in both devices for automatic pairing when in range of one another next time.

If Pairing Fails

In some instances, you may run into difficulty getting your device to successfully pair with the Bose soundbar even when initiating the pairing mode appropriately.

If the pairing process fails or the device cannot locate the soundbar signal to connect, there are a few troubleshooting tips to try before repetition.

First, double check that the pairing mode is definitely active on the Bose soundbar by pressing the pairing button again until the light flashes to confirm.

Problems are often due to improperly activating pairing mode rather than issues with the connection itself.

Next, make sure that your device has Bluetooth enabled and active so that it broadcasts a signal to search for the soundbar.

Bluetooth connectivity gets disabled for battery conservation, so ensure it is activated.

Also try moving the device closer to the Bose soundbar when trying to pair.

Even though Bluetooth range is usually around 30 feet, walls, interference and obstructions can impact this distance and ability to connect.

Bring it within several feet to see if closer proximity enables a linkage.

Additionally, clear any major obstructions between the devices while attempting to pair.

If difficulties continue, consult the instruction manual and guides for your specific Bose soundbar model, as they may have additional troubleshooting tips.

A factory reset of the soundbar device may also be necessary if all else fails, but will wipe any previously paired connections.

Doing so should enable successful pairing as long as sufficient power, operating range, and pairing mode activation is achieved.

Completing and Using the Connection

Upon successful pairing between devices, the process is complete for enabling a Bluetooth connection from a phone, tablet, computer or other devices to your Bose soundbar’s superior audio system.

No need to repeat the full pairing process again.

The Bose system will remember devices that have connected successfully in the past for automatic connections each time they are in proximity with Bluetooth enabled.

From the paired device you can now play audio like music, video sound, games, podcasts and more from apps and services through the stellar speaker setup on the Bose soundbar rather than relying only on the limited builtin speakers in phones, tablets and computers.

Volume and playback can be controlled directly from the source device after pairing as well.

Enjoy the simple wireless connectivity and boosted sound performance from pairing your 

Bluetooth equipment with your premium Bose soundgear.

Troubleshoot pairing issues if connections ever fail, but generally the linkage should happen automatically each time once initially established.

Put your sound system and mobile devices into pairing mode for a robust, reliable and great-sounding wireless soundtrack.


In conclusion, putting your Bose soundbar into pairing mode is a quick and simple process that enables wireless connectivity with your other Bluetooth devices.

Following the steps to activate pairing mode using the soundbar button or Bose app, connecting devices through their Bluetooth settings, and troubleshooting any issues, allows you to link your phone, tablet or computer for superior audio playback.

Once initially paired, the soundbar will remember these devices for automatic connections thereafter whenever in proximity.

Wireless pairing with your Bose sound system provides convenience, portability, and amplified sound.


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