How to Reset Bose Soundbar (300, 500, 700 & 900)

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Do you own a Bose soundbar that’s recently been acting up with glitches, interrupted streaming audio, or difficulty connecting to your TV and devices?

Before shelling out for pricey repairs, a simple factory reset can surprisingly do wonders to revive your Bose soundbar 300, 500, 700 or 900.

Resetting these popular Bose soundbar models clears any gremlins developed over time, restoring original software and wiping settings for a fresh start.

Let’s dive into exactly when and how to reset your Bose soundbar depending on the specific model, making sure full audio function is revived.

How to Reset Bose Soundbar (300, 500, 700 & 900)

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Resetting your Bose soundbar clears out any glitches, connectivity problems or settings that may have led to erratic behavior over time.

It wipes the soundbar back to original factory condition so you can re-pair devices, apply software updates, and configure preferences without any lingering issues.

Common problems that resetting aims to resolve include issues powering on/off, interrupted streaming audio, remote not functioning, failure to save presets, and difficulty connecting to WiFi/Bluetooth sources.

By restoring initial software and erasing settings, the soundbar gets revived performance and readiness for new set up.

We’ll explore exact reset steps for Bose models 300, 500, 700 and 900 ahead.

Why You Might Need to Reset Your Bose Soundbar

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There are a few common situations where completing a factory reset on your Bose soundbar can help restore proper function and setup.

Resetting is useful any time the soundbar begins acting erratically, encounters issues connecting with your TV or devices, or you want to clear all settings in preparation for a new configuration from scratch.

Some specific examples of when resetting your Bose soundbar back to factory defaults can help resolve problems include:

You recently performed a major software update on the soundbar, and now notice glitches or bugs afterwards.

This may include issues powering on/off, interrupting streaming audio, app control not working properly, or lagging sound when paired to a TV or mobile device.

Resetting will roll the software back to a stable version to fix the problems.

If you’ve moved your home entertainment center including the Bose soundbar to a new house or apartment, a factory reset clears out any WiFi network connections, device pairings, presets and other settings that applied to the old space.

You can set everything up cleanly in the new room without leftover clutter being saved.

Over time your soundbar may struggle with maintaining steady Bluetooth, WiFi or device connections, even turning itself on or off.

This can result from too many competing signals. Doing a factory reset gives the soundbar a fresh start for new pairing procedures.

Perhaps you lent your Bose sound bar to a friend or family member for awhile, and now the settings and presets are configured oddly.

Resetting the unit gets your custom sound, connections and configurations back to your preferences.

In all these cases, wiping the Bose soundbar hardware and software back to factory conditions can help overcome issues developed over time.

It primes the soundbar for quick re-setup and re-configuration from scratch. The steps below outline how to properly reset the most popular Bose models 300, 500, 700 and 900.

Preparing to Reset Your Bose Soundbar

Before starting the actual reset process to restore your Bose soundbar, some preparation will streamline the procedure and make re-setup easier afterwards.

Gather any accessories needed, check physical hardware, and make notes about your current configuration. Recommended steps when getting ready to reset include:

Locate Remote Control – Find the remote control that operates your Bose soundbar. Fresh batteries in the remote are a good idea if needed.

You will use this remote to trigger the reset on most models by holding certain buttons.

Confirm Connections – Double check that all cables from your soundbar to wall power, TVs, separate audio gear and routers/modems are still securely inserted at both ends. Loose wiring can cause issues after a reset.

Document Settings – If you have any custom presets, network info, device pairing or sound settings configured that you want to keep, document them.

A factory reset erases all user-programmed details back to out-of-box condition. 

By spending a few minutes on these preparation steps, your Bose soundbar reset has a better chance of fully completing.

Additionally, you will be equipped for faster re-configuration by knowing wireless passwords, which devices need re-pairing, audio adjustments to make etc.

Now let’s look at actually performing the reset process on common Bose models.

Resetting Bose Soundbar 300

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If you need to fix issues or clear settings on a Bose Soundbar 300, utilize the following factory reset procedure:  

To initiate a reset, you must press and hold the Bluetooth button and Volume Down button at the same time on the remote control.

Keep continual pressure on both the Bluetooth and Volume Down buttons simultaneously for approximately 10 seconds. 

Pay attention to the front of the Soundbar 300 across this 10 second period. First the far left icon may switch off, then the two right icons.

After 10 seconds, release your fingers from both held remote buttons.

The entire Bose Soundbar 300 will now restart – all front status lights will go dark. This restart sequence indicates the reset taking effect.

Allow a minute or two for full restart including audio processing restarting as well.

Once fully back on, your Bose Soundbar 300 restores factory default settings. This clears all wireless and wired device connections, presets, custom configurations etc.

Use your TV remote to set the speaker input back to Soundbar, and pair any wireless devices to rebuild connections.

Resetting Bose Soundbar 500

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If you need to troubleshoot issues or clear settings on a Bose Soundbar 500 model, utilize the process below:

You can initiate factory reset on the Soundbar 500 by pressing and holding only the Bluetooth button on the remote control.

Continue holding the Bluetooth button down by itself for approximately 10 seconds. 

As the 10 second mark approaches, check the status light on the front right of your soundbar. This will start blinking amber color when the reset engages. 

Keep pressure on the Bluetooth remote button until the Bose Soundbar 500 restarts. Release the button when you see all front lights temporarily go dark.

This restart sequence confirms the soundbar is fully resetting software and settings.

Allow a minute or so for full reset including audio components restarting. Your Soundbar 500 will now have factory defaults restored, clearing any wireless/wired connections plus presets. 

Reconfigure basics with your TV remote first, then rebuild wireless pairings.

Resetting Bose Soundbar 700

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If your Bose Soundbar 700 experiences issues requiring a factory reset to resolve, utilize the following steps:

You will need to press and continually hold two buttons on the remote to reset this model – the Bluetooth button and Previous Track button (also called Skip Back). 

Press and hold the Bluetooth and Previous Track buttons simultaneously for approximately 10 seconds. Keep pressure on both buttons together across the full 10 seconds. 

The soundbar will initiate a reboot sequence when the reset engages after 10 seconds. First red icons will switch off from left to right.

Release your fingers when all front display lights go completely dark.

The dark status indicates the Soundbar 700 resetting all software and settings back to factory defaults.

Wait 1-2 minutes for full reboot including audio processing to restart. Resume setup afterwards.

Once back on, the Bose Soundbar 700 resets to out-of-box condition without any wireless, presets or customization.

Use your TV remote to detect HDMI or optical connections again, then re-pair Bluetooth/WiFi sources.

Resetting Bose Soundbar 900

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If your Bose Soundbar 900 requires a reset to troubleshoot problems or prepare for new setup, use the following procedure: 

You will need to press and hold the Bluetooth button and Next Track button (also called Skip Forward) simultaneously to reset this Bose model.

Depress both the Bluetooth and Next Track remote buttons at the same time, keeping continual pressure on them for approximately 10 seconds. 

After 10 seconds, release both buttons together. The soundbar will begin a full reboot sequence to confirm reset activity.  

During reboot, the Bose Soundbar 900 turns off completely, then back on again. This full power cycle allows restoring factory default settings.

Let the soundbar completely go off/on before interrupting.

Once back on, your Soundbar 900 resets with original software and no customization in place. 

Use your TV remote to detect connections again. Re-pair wireless sources like WiFi router and Bluetooth devices as well.

After Reset is Complete

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With your Bose Soundbar 300, 500, 700 or 900 now back to factory default condition, you can reconfigure settings without any lingering issues.

Follow these tips once the reset process finishes:

Check Software Updates – Connect the soundbar to WiFi and use Bose app to install newest software. This prevents future glitches and enables latest features.

Re-establish Connections – Use supplied HDMI, optical or other cables so TV recognizes the soundbar again. Re-pair wireless devices like your phone to streaming audio over Bluetooth.  

Adjust New Settings – Tweak volume limits, bass/treble balance, add presets etc back to your preferences. Factory reset erases all user customization.

Follow Setup Guidance – Consult Bose app walkthroughs, online support or user manuals for optimal configuration steps. Get help if needed.


Resetting your Bose soundbar can seem daunting, but is a useful troubleshooting step for overcoming connection issues, software problems or preparing for a new configuration.

We walked through reset procedures for popular Bose models 300, 500, 700 and 900, outlining exactly which buttons to hold on the remote.

With factory settings restored, remember to reconnect devices, adjust new preferences, and consult Bose support materials for optimal setup.

By taking advantage of a reset when needed, you can refresh your soundbar for the best audio experience.


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