What DJ Controllers Work With Serato DJ Pro Software?

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Do you know if your DJ controller works with Serato DJ Pro?

With the rising popularity of digital DJing software like Serato, DJ controller and hardware compatibility has become a common question.

Let’s explore exactly which controllers across brands including Pioneer DJ, Numark, Denon and others are designed to sync and perform optimally with Serato DJ Pro.

What Controllers Are Compatible with Serato DJ Pro?

An electrifying image showcasing a DJ in action with a Serato DJ Pro-compatible controller, seamlessly blending beats. The sleek design of the controller, illuminated by vibrant lights, symbolizes the harmony between cutting-edge technology and the art of DJing. A visual feast capturing the essence of the digital DJ revolution

Serato DJ Pro is designed to work seamlessly with controllers from brands like Pioneer DJ, Numark, Denon, Hercules and others. We’ll explore each of these Serato ready controller options in detail below. Now, let’s dive in to compatibility across leading DJ hardware brands.

Pioneer DJ Controllers

A visually striking collage featuring a lineup of cutting-edge DJ controllers from Pioneer DJ, Numark, Denon, Hercules, and other leading brands. The seamless integration with Serato DJ Pro is symbolized by vibrant digital waves connecting the controllers, highlighting the compatibility and innovation at the intersection of software and hardware. A visual guide to the diverse world of Serato-ready controllers

Pioneer DJ is the official partner of Serato, and as such the majority of current Pioneer controllers fully support Serato DJ Pro integration and unlock the software without needing to purchase a license. Compatible Pioneer controller models include:

  • DDJ-SZ: Pioneer’s flagship 4-channel digital DJ controller made specifically for Serato. Large jog wheels, performance pads, and dual USB ports for easy DJ transition/back-to-back sets.
  • DDJ-SX: Compact and portable 2-channel controller for Serato with performance pads and dedicated FX controls.
  • DDJ-SX2: Successor to the SX with enhanced jog wheel tension adjust, Magvel crossfader, and more inputs/outputs.
  • DDJ-SX3: The latest iteration adds full color displays and extended cue/loop controls.
  • DDJ-RX: All-in-one 2-channel controller for Rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro.
  • DDJ-RZ: 4-channel controller with pro grade features like large jog wheels, Magvel fader, and onboard screens.
  • DDJ-XP1/XP2: Modular controllers to add tactile pads and controls that sync perfectly with computers running Serato software.

Numark Controllers

An immersive image capturing the evolution of Pioneer DJ controllers compatible with Serato DJ Pro. From the flagship DDJ-SZ with its dual USB ports and performance-oriented features to the compact DDJ-SX with dedicated FX controls, the visual journey extends to the innovative DDJ-RZ with pro-grade elements and the modular DDJ-XP1/XP2 adding tactile pads. The sleek design and cutting-edge technology of these controllers unfold, symbolizing the seamless partnership between Pioneer and Serato for an unparalleled DJ experience

Numark has partnered with Serato for many years, and they offer an affordable range of controllers natively supported by Serato DJ Pro:

  • NS7III: Flagship 4-channel controller made for Serato DJ Pro, with actively spinning platters that simulate vinyl feel.
  • NS6II: Prior generation 4-channel controller with motorized platters.
  • Mixtrack Platinum: Compact introductory 2-channel controller with built-in sound card.
  • Mixtrack Pro 3: 2-channel controller adding 16 Serato pads for cue points and samples.
  • Party Mix: Fun and easy-to-use 2-channel controller for parties and beginners.

Other Supported Brands

A vibrant image presenting a diverse array of Serato DJ Pro-compatible controllers beyond Pioneer and Numark. The Denon DJ MC7000, MC4000, and MCX8000 showcase professional-grade features, while the Hercules DJControl Inpulse 300, DJControl Instinct, and DJControl Jogvision bring innovation and versatility. The Reloop Elite, Reloop Mixage IE, and Reloop Terminal Mix 8/4 add a touch of elegance to the mix. With options like American Audio VMS4 also in the lineup, this visual guide invites DJs to explore a world of possibilities. Consult the official Serato website for the latest controller compatibility information, and for those seeking top-tier integration, Pioneer and Numark models remain the go-to choices for an unparalleled Serato DJ Pro experience

Beyond Pioneer and Numark, several other controller manufacturers have models that allow full Serato DJ Pro integration including:

  • Denon DJ MC7000, MC4000, & MCX8000
  • Hercules DJControl Inpulse 300, DJControl Instinct, DJControl Jogvision
  • Reloop Elite, Reloop Mixage IE, Reloop Terminal Mix 8/4
  • American Audio VMS4

Of course, before purchasing any controller it’s best to consult the official Serato website for the most up-to-date listing of compatible controllers. And if budget allows, opting for Pioneer or Numark models ensures the tightest integration and best performance with Serato DJ Pro software.

With a wealth of controller choices at different price levels available today, there’s something for any DJ looking to use Serato’s industry leading software. Now get out there, spin some tracks, and stay tuned for more DJ tips and insights!


Serato DJ Pro compatibility spans various controller brands and models to fit different needs and budgets. By opting for an officially supported Pioneer, Numark, Denon, Hercules or other Serato ready controller, DJs can be confident they’ll get great performance with the Serato DJ Pro software. For the full and current listing of compatible controllers, be sure to check the Serato website.


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