Unlock Serato Pro’s Power By Bundling These 8 DJ Controllers

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For DJs, having the right hardware and software combo can make all the difference when performing live sets.

When investing in a DJ controller, one of the most popular and capable software options is Serato Pro. But which controllers actually come bundled with the full Pro license?

Let’s explore the DJ hardware and software pairings that unlock Serato’s capabilities so you can mix masterfully.

What DJ controllers bundle Serato Pro licenses?

In a dimly lit studio, the Pioneer DDJ-SZ, DDJ-SX3, Numark NS7III, and Denon MC7000 DJ controllers stand like command centers, bathed in a soft glow. Skilled hands hover over the sleek interfaces, fingers poised to unleash Serato Pro's arsenal of advanced effects, responsive pads, and precise mixer functions. The scene pulses with creative energy, a snapshot of the power these controllers bring to a DJ's fingertips. This image captures the seamless fusion of technology and artistry, where the right hardware unlocks the full spectrum of Serato Pro's capabilities for a masterful performance.

The Pioneer DDJ-SZ, DDJ-SX3, Numark NS7III, and Denon MC7000 DJ controllers come bundled with full Serato Pro licenses. This allows DJs to access all of Serato’s professional capabilities like advanced effects, pads, and mixer functions when purchasing these controllers. We’ll explore over 10 quality controllers that unlock Serato Pro access so you can perform masterfully.

What is Serato Pro?

In the heart of a vibrant DJ booth, a skilled artist orchestrates a sonic masterpiece with Serato Pro. The software interface glows on the screen, showcasing the intricate dance of beatmatching, EQ adjustments, and the addition of mesmerizing effects. The DJ's hands move with precision, setting cue points that echo through the venue. Serato Pro's advanced features unfold like a musical tapestry, enveloping the performer in a world where creativity knows no bounds. This image captures the seamless fusion of DJing artistry and Serato Pro's powerful toolkit, elevating the experience to a professional standard.

Serato Pro is a popular DJ software that helps DJs mix and perform sets. It allows for beatmatching, adjusting EQs, adding effects, setting cue points, and much more. The Pro version unlocks advanced features like video mixing capabilities, more effects, and additional cue points compared to the Intro version. Overall, Serato Pro is considered an industry standard software for professional DJs.

Controllers That Come Bundled With Serato Pro

In this vibrant collage, a symphony of DJ controllers takes center stage, each telling a story of innovation and performance. Pioneer's flagship DDJ-SZ, DDJ-SX3, and others stand tall with responsive platters and tactile pads, seamlessly integrated with Serato Pro. Numark's NS7III and NS6II make their mark with iconic 3-stack platters and 16 backlit pads per deck. Denon's MC7000 steals the spotlight with its integrated screen and hi-res jog wheels, offering an alternative that's both functional and stylish. Roland's DJ-505 adds a touch of uniqueness with tri-deck mixing capabilities and an onboard drum machine. Reloop's Elite joins the ensemble, offering fantastic functionality at an economical price point.

Pioneer DJ Controllers

Pioneer DJ produces some of the most popular DJ controllers for Serato Pro, aimed at professional DJs. The flagship Pioneer controllers come tightly integrated with custom mappings to control all aspects of the Serato software. By bundling the full Pro license, these controllers unlock the full features of Serato out of the box.

The main Pioneer DJ controllers that come with Serato Pro are the DDJ-SZ, DDJ-SZ2, DDJ-SX, DDJ-SX2, DDJ-SX3, DDJ-RX, and DDJ-RX2. These controllers range from 2-channel options up to 4-channel mixers for extensive mixing capabilities. They have large, responsive platters, professional grade mixing controls, and tactile pads for triggering cues and samples. The jog wheels on controllers like the DDJ-SZ uniquely control video mixing in Serato, which is invaluable for DJs incorporating visuals into their sets. Between the hardware and software integration, bundled Serato Pro license, and wealth of features tailored to serious DJs, these are go-to controllers for working professionals in the DJ industry.

Numark DJ Controllers

In addition to Pioneer DJ, Numark also has a longstanding partnership with Serato and produces premium DJ controllers that include the full Serato Pro license. The main options are the Numark NS7III and NS6II controllers. As 4-channel and 2-channel controllers respectively, they offer tactile, responsive platters and an array of controls that unlock the capabilities of Serato DJ Pro.

With tight integration, custom mappings, and the full Pro license bundled with purchase, DJs can access the advanced features of the software from the moment they unbox the controller. Numark touts their iconic 3-stack platters with the NS7III for amazing tactile control. Both Numark controllers have 16 backlit pads per deck for launching cue points and triggering samples on the fly. Between Numark and Serato, these controllers offer powerful solutions for professional DJs who want quality hardware and software without breaking the bank compared to Pioneer controllers.

Other Brand Controllers

Beyond Pioneer DJ and Numark, there are a few other DJ controller brands that come bundled with a full Serato Pro license. Options include the Denon DJ MC7000, Roland DJ-505, and Reloop Elite controllers. While these only have 2 decks each, they provide quality hardware controllers at lower price points compared to other flagships.

The Denon MC7000 specifically has received rave reviews for its integrated screen to view song libraries and metrics, hi-res jog wheels with adjustable vinyl vs. CD platter tension, and onboard audio recording options. Though not as popular as Pioneer and Numark, it’s a respectable alternative well integrated for Serato. Similar praise has been lauded on the Roland DJ-505 for its responsive controls, tri-deck mixing capabilities, and onboard drum machine and sequencer options.

With standout features tailored to digital DJs at lower costs, controllers from Denon, Roland, and Reloop serve as great alternatives to supplement Serato Pro licenses for savvy DJs on a budget. They may not offer all the bells and whistles of true flagship controllers, but provide fantastic functionality given their bundled Pro software access.

Buying Tips When Selecting a Serato Controller

In a sleek DJ studio, a DJ stands surrounded by an array of controllers, each beckoning with its unique features. The DJ meticulously inspects a controller, emphasizing the importance of checking the bundled license – a key to unlocking Serato Pro's full potential. The scene radiates with the glow of custom display screens and tight integration, showcasing the harmonious marriage between the controller and Serato DJ Pro. The DJ, deep in contemplation, considers the specific features that align with their artistry – pads for live remixing, inputs for visuals, and a mixer tailored to their performance style.

If you’re looking to invest in a quality DJ controller with bundled Serato Pro access, keep these key buying tips in mind:

Confirm exactly what license is included with the controller you’re purchasing. Some controllers only come with intro licenses, which don’t unlock the full capabilities that the Pro version does. It’s imperative to verify it’s a full Pro license so you can access all software features.

Additionally, research the hardware and software integration quality between that controller and Serato DJ Pro before purchasing. You want a controller with custom display screens, tight integration, and mappings optimized for controlling the software workflows. Brands like Pioneer DJ and Numark with established Serato partnerships offer this best-in-class integration.

You’ll also want to prioritize the features and functionalities that align with your specific DJing needs. If you want to incorporate more live remixing or visuals, ensure the controller has pads and inputs to facilitate that appropriately. Consider channel counts, mixer inputs/outputs, platter types, and other factors based on your style of performing to choose the right controller and Serato pairing for your needs.

Investing in a quality, professional DJ controller is a commitment, but bundling Serato Pro access ensures you unlock production-grade software to match. Hopefully these tips help you understand what controllers deliver Serato Pro capabilities so you can make the fully informed choice. Mix happily!


In conclusion, Serato Pro is a powerful DJ software that unlocks professional capabilities for mixers and performers. Investing in a quality controller bundled with a full Pro license ensures you can access all the features. Pioneer DJ, Numark, and other brands offer tight integration that controls Serato workflows smoothly. Evaluate your mixing needs and preferred hardware to select the best controller and Serato pairing for your DJ style. With the right bundled controller, you’ll be able to mix impressively right out of the box.


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