What Bose Soundbar Do I Have? How to Identify Your Model

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Struggling to figure out your Bose soundbar model number?

Learning simple methods to accurately identify which soundbar version you own saves major headaches down the road.

Let’s quickly uncover the key techniques to pinpoint your model before diving into specifics.

What Bose Soundbar Do I Have?

An individual examining the back of a Bose soundbar, searching for the model number label, as described in the blog. Another scene displays the soundbar powered on, revealing information on a screen. The image encapsulates the straightforward steps outlined in the blog post, making it easy for users to identify their Bose soundbar model

If you don’t know the model details of your Bose soundbar, there are a few quick checks to identify it right away.

Start by looking for a label on the rear or bottom that lists the model number.

Also look for any info screens that appear when powered on.

We’ll explore more detailed methods below, but those two basic steps can instantly reveal which soundbar version you have.

Checking the Soundbar Itself for Model Information

A user carefully examining the bottom of a Bose soundbar, following the blog's instructions to find the model number. The image captures the essence of the search, with focused attention on potential locations like the bottom and rear panel. The visual guide aligns with the detailed steps outlined in the blog post for quick and efficient identification of the Bose soundbar model.

The easiest and quickest way to find out what Bose soundbar model you have is to check directly on the soundbar hardware.

The specific model information is generally printed on a sticker or plate that is attached somewhere to the soundbar’s exterior.

This is commonly located on the bottom or back panel of the unit.

When powered off, carefully lift the soundbar and look underneath it to see if there is a sticker or plate with the model number printed on it.

Tilt and examine the rear panel as well, as the info label could be located there on some models.

Take note of the precise model number and letter sequence found on any labels you locate.

This combination of numbers and letters will specifically identify which soundbar version you own.

Be aware that the location of these labels can vary slightly depending on the particular soundbar layout and size.

If you don’t spot the model label right away, check methodically along all sides and surfaces until you discover it.

Pay special attention to areas that have removable panels or access doors.

Model number labels are often positioned behind these interior compartments once you remove the exterior panels.

In addition to checking for exterior labels, power on the soundbar and thoroughly examine all display screens and interfaces as well.

Certain Bose models have an info or status display screen that cycles between various playback modes and audio settings.

This screen may show the complete product name along with internal firmware details.

Finding and documenting these displayed specifications provides another means of zeroing in on exactly which Bose system you have.

Carefully go through all menus and info screens and jot down any model details shown for future reference.

If the onboard display screens don’t reveal any identifying model information after you power it on, the next step is locating any included paperwork, manuals, and packaging materials to check for model confirmation.

Locating Original Packaging and Documentation for Model Designation

A user attentively going through the original packaging and documentation of a Bose soundbar, as advised in the blog post. The image conveys the significance of examining user guides and manuals, showcasing the process of finding the model number for accurate identification. This visual guide aligns with the steps outlined in the blog, ensuring users have multiple avenues for discovering their Bose soundbar model."

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If checking the exterior or interior soundbar labels does not yield definitive model information, gather and examine any documents, manuals or packaging components that originally came with the Bose soundbar when you purchased it.

Carefully locate and take full inventory of these included materials.

Official instructional booklets and user guides will clearly state the soundbar model number and specifics either on internal pages or printed prominently on the front and back covers.

These vital instruction booklets contain detailed directions on features, setup steps, usage tips and full specifications in addition to visually identifying the precise Bose model.

For example, the manual may state “Bose Solo 5 Owner’s Guide” right on the front, immediately confirming which soundbar model you have.

Additionally, inspect the shipping carton and packaging materials the soundbar originally came packed in if they were retained after purchase.

Large product info stickers containing model numbers and specifications are routinely applied to original soundbar boxes and internal packing materials for correct identification while in transit or retailer storage.

Another area to check for possible model details is the actual remote control hardware itself, if your soundbar came packaged with a remote.

Model names and numbers are frequently found printed or stamped directly onto the remote controls.

Consulting Remote Controls for Possible Model Details

A user inspecting the Bose soundbar remote control, following the blog's guidance to identify the model. The image captures the attention to detail required, emphasizing the examination of logos, stickers, and crucial information on the remote's underside. This visual guide aligns with the steps outlined in the blog, offering users a comprehensive approach to determine their Bose soundbar model

Many Bose soundbar systems come packaged with matching remote controls to access vital operations.

These remotes allow easy control of volume levels, sound modes, and media playback straight from the listening position.

Visually examining any included remote controls can also help identify the specific soundbar model.

Brand logos and model stickers usually decorate Bose remote controls, but it is crucial to closely inspect the rear or underside as well.

Necessary compliance certification numbers, identification regulation codes, and battery door information is often located here along with the specific model number sequence.

Remotes may also have tiny imprinted model text along one edge that confirms complete product identifiers for pairing and programming purposes.

While thoroughly checking remote control surfaces and labels, also take note of any buttons for enabling Bluetooth wireless pairing and connectivity modes.

The presence of Bluetooth streaming functionality helps narrow down possibilities if primary soundbar model specifics remain unconfirmed through other options.

By determining if Bluetooth is included or not, you can significantly reduce the number of possible models while seeking additional assistance.

Connecting with Bose Customer Support for Soundbar Model Assistance

A user reaching out to Bose customer support for assistance in identifying their soundbar model. The image captures the communication process, highlighting the importance of providing detailed descriptions and images for accurate identification. This visual guide aligns with the steps outlined in the blog, offering users a direct and reliable avenue for resolving their Bose soundbar model mystery."

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If closely reviewing all accessible paperwork and original packaging yields no definitive conclusions on the model number, directly contacting Bose customer service support teams can provide dependable answers.

By speaking with Bose support departments through published phone numbers on the official website or requesting assistance through email and online messaging channels, owners gain direct access to expert product identification assistance.

Whether choosing online chat, email technical inquiry tickets, or asking questions directly over the phone, provide detailed descriptions of the mystery Bose soundbar for evaluation by qualified support staff.

Note size specifications, layout, button functions, display details and connectivity ports available based on thorough visual inspections of the unit.

Verbally mention any model number fragments or identifying compliance details found thus far on labels along with notifications shown on front display screens when powered up during tests.

Knowledgeable Bose customer service representatives can often pinpoint the exact soundbar model merely through descriptive details on appearance, size, functionality and noticeable soundbar markings you relay to them.

These experts have extensive experience precisely identifying Bose products based on specific features mentioned, connectivity abilities noted, related accessories described, and general remote control layouts.

Supply reps all available unit details and observations for their analysis against extensive databases cataloging known specifications for the full modern range of Bose soundbar systems and model lineages.

To further aid remote identification, customer support may even request clear images of the soundbar unit, remote controls, and any located labels or displays be emailed for visual examination by Tier 2 technicians.

Providing quality photos of all text, front and rear connection ports, control panels and hardware measurements allows additional confirmation when model numbers are obscured or challenging to read from a distance during phone assistance.

Connecting Smart Soundbars via Bose Music Apps to Confirm Model Details

A user setting up the Bose Music app to confirm their soundbar model details. The image captures the seamless integration process, showcasing the steps to access model information within the app. This visual guide aligns with the blog's instructions, highlighting the convenience of using the Bose Music app to automatically identify the soundbar model.

If the soundbar supports wireless music streaming through popular mobile apps thanks to built-in Bluetooth circuitry, installing the proprietary Bose Music smartphone app provides another connectivity option that can recognize model specifics automatically.

Higher-end Bose soundbars include both Bluetooth capabilities but also connect through home WiFi signals when available to enhance audio services and control convenience.

By downloading and properly installing the Bose Music controller app to a paired iOS or Android mobile device like smartphones or tablets, owners gain a direct link to their soundbar for wireless access, streaming services and expanded functionality.

Once downloaded, create a user account within the app or sign in using existing Bose credentials to fully access available features.

Then carefully step through the detailed app pairing and setup routine outlined in onscreen instructions and menus.

When successfully wirelessly linked to the mobile device interface utilizing WiFi communication protocols, the paired soundbar automatically transfers model details that are detected and documented by the Bose Music software.

The model name, number sequence, hardware revisions and firmware specifics then become visible within the app itself, commonly in “About” or “System Info” sections.

Make note of the model for handy reference anytime precise identification details are needed when contacting Bose support concerning operation issues or future system updates.

The rest of the app interface provides streamlined control options, audio performance customization, bass adjustment, media access to streaming accounts and music libraries for a dynamic wireless listening experience through the Bose soundbar.

Tapping into additional app sections displays further technical information like complete serial numbers, firmware build revisions, historical software updates, currently registered mobile and WiFi connections logged by the soundbar and direct links to Bose technical service contact options if reaching out for troubleshooting advice.

Use the Bose Music app connection routinely to monitor overall system status and wirelessly stream audio content from extensive music catalogs and popular streaming platforms.

Correctly identifying exact soundbar equipment details through the app allows owners to effectively research specifications, defined operation limits and available accessory add-ons for their electronics investment on official Bose channels manned by knowledgeable advisors.


In conclusion, identifying your specific Bose soundbar model is important for troubleshooting, accessorizing and operating your system effectively.

By thoroughly checking the unit markings, packaging, paperwork, remote controls and wireless app connectivity, you can determine the exact product details.

Confirming your model provides access to specialized assistance so you can enjoy premium sound for years to come.


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