How to Easily Factory Reset a Polk Soundbar in 6 Steps

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Is your Polk soundbar plagued by connectivity dropouts or firmware crashes?

Completing a full factory reset procedure can refresh your speaker to fix bugs, reconnect devices, and stabilize performance.

Let’s dive into the steps for resetting Polk soundbars properly.

How to Reset a Polk Soundbar

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Resetting a Polk soundbar to factory default state involves locating the tiny recessed reset button on the device, pressing this in with a paperclip for 5-10 seconds during which the speaker will restart, then allowing the reboot process to fully complete.

This wipes all custom settings.

We’ll explore how to safely reset Polk soundbars so any functionality issues can be restored. The process only takes a few minutes but fully refreshing the speaker is straightforward.

Why You Might Need to Reset Your Polk Soundbar

There are a few common reasons why resetting your Polk soundbar can be necessary.

As these speaker systems handle multiple types of connectivity and customized settings, glitches sometimes occur over time that can be fixed by refreshing the device. 

One of the most frequent issues that arise is connectivity problems.  

This may present as the soundbar intermittently or fully losing pairing with the television it is wirelessly transmitting to. 

Sync issues then cause video and audio lag or dropout. 

Resetting often resolves wireless connectivity problems between source devices.

Software bugs or app crashes can also plague smart soundbar systems

Streaming music apps, for example Spotify or Pandora, may suffer glitches during playback through the Polk speaker

Firmware hiccups can also freeze remote control responsiveness or calibration ability. 

Resetting reverts both apps and core software to stable factory condition.   

Restoring original settings can be desirable if multiple users have applied their own custom configurations. 

If you purchased a used Polk soundbar, conduct a reset to wipe audio settings, app logins, network names, and paired device history from previous owners. 

This lets you apply your personal customizations instead on an out-of-the-box default system.   

Preparing the soundbar for diagnostic testing or factory service is also eased after first resetting it. 

Technicians analyzing hardware issues, for example with defective speakers or connectivity ports, can better pinpoint these on a blank system without other software variables at play.   

Lastly, refreshing your Polk speaker to factory status eliminates any personalized data prior to reselling it used. 

Protect your streaming app credentials, WiFi passwords, and usernames saved on the device even after wiping content locally. 

An entire factory reset ensures your private smart hub data gets fully erased from the soundbar system before transferring ownership.

How Long Does the Reset Process Take?

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The physical reset sequence itself only takes 1-2 minutes to complete start to finish.  

However, the full process of getting your soundbar back up and running with settings restored can take 15-30 minutes more. 

Time is needed for rebooting, installing apps again, repairing devices, and tuning audio once more.

The initial factory default reset transpires quickly upon holding down the recessed button for a forced restart and diagnostic check.  

Shortly after the speaker comes back online though, expect some longer waits during the software update checks, WiFi credential confirmations, and acquirement of IP addressing that configure it for your network.  

Streaming apps especially can take a few minutes each to reload, update, and reload user data from the cloud to sync favorites and recommendations again.  

Logging in and allowing these services to sync history tends to add the most time if utilizing them.

Lastly, fine-tuning audio settings with custom channel levels, Room EQ calibration microphone sampling, and enabling audio processing like virtual surround for optimal listening experience entails playing different forms of content and tweaking over the course of about 20 minutes.  

In total, factoring in all steps needed to fully reset a Polk soundbar and then tailor it back to your settings, allows half an hour from start to finish.  

Rushing the process usually leads to missing steps, so be patient as the speaker re-settles into your configuration preferences.  

In just 30 minutes or so, you can expect your formerly glitchy soundbar working right as rain again after an effective factory reset sequence.

Preparing to Reset Your Soundbar

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The key steps in readying your Polk soundbar before actually initiating a reset include locating the physical reset button on the device itself and noting down any settings you want to keep record of.  

Depending on when your particular soundbar model released, the tiny pinhole reset switch can be positioned along the rear port array, underside edge, or side endcap of the speaker.  

Generally it is marked with text identifying it as the “Reset” control and may have a tiny inset button needing a paperclip end to trigger.  

Refer to your owner’s manual if having trouble finding it physically.

Before fully resetting your soundbar, document any key settings, custom configurations, or paired device names you may want to reestablish afterwards.  

Note the WiFi network SSID and password the speaker has connected to, for example.  

Also record settings like bass, treble, and dialog boost levels that you calibrated previously.  

Streaming media apps that have been logged into on the Polk device, like Spotify, YouTube, 

Pandora and such should also have their usernames and passwords saved.  

Have these on hand so relinking accounts after the reset process can restore your playlists, recommendations, and viewing histories.

Ensure the soundbar remote control is nearby and has fresh batteries installed. 

This will be needed once the Polk speaker finishes its reset sequence so you can initiate first-time setup prompted onscreen.  

Menus, toggles, and navigation will likely leverage the remote rather than physical controls on the soundbar unit itself during this post-reset configuration phase.

Resetting the Soundbar

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When ready to actually reset your Polk smart soundbar system, you will choose between either a soft factory reset or a more dramatic hard reset.  

The former preserves some information while the latter fully erases all data.

Executing a Soft Factory Reset

If wanting to refresh your Polk soundbar while retaining WiFi network credentials and general connectivity settings, a soft factory reset is the better choice.  

This lighter reset clears temporary usage data and resets apps but does not require completely reconnecting and pairing all external devices afterwards.

Start the soft reset process by fully powering down the soundbar.  

Unplug the power cable from both the bar itself and your electrical outlet or surge protector.  

Leave it disconnected for approximately 30 seconds minimum.  

This clears residual electricity that may interfere with a full reboot.

Next, plug the soundbar’s power cable back into both the unit and wall socket.  

Turn on the speaker either using the physical power button or through the remote if it supports wake capability when powered off.

At this point, your Polk soundbar will take about one minute to cycle through a soft reboot.  

It will run diagnostics, clear temporary program data, and reload its core OS.  

Settings pertaining to network connectivity like WiFi passwords and paired playback devices like phones or your TV should remain intact however.   

Hard Resetting for a Clean Slate

When even network settings and connectivity pairs need to be fully reset on your Polk soundbar, a more aggressive hard reset is required.  

This physical reset button completely restores a blank factory default state.

The reset button itself is tiny and recessed, needing a thin object like a paperclip end to press. 

It can be located anywhere along the rear, underside, or edges of the soundbar.  

Refer to your owner’s manual if unsure of its placement, as models do vary.

Once located, power on the soundbar if currently off. 

Then unfold a paperclip and insert the end into the pinhole reset control.  

Fully depress the button until you feel it click.  

Continue holding the paperclip in place, applying pressure to keep the reset engaged for between 5 and 10 seconds.  

During this time the speaker will abruptly power cycle.  

All lights and activity will cease for a few moments before the bar automatically reboots itself.  

This signifies the hard reset has successfully completed.

Release the paperclip then once you witness the speaker restart.  

It will then require reestablishing the WiFi network password and connectivity links to devices like the TV or streaming content sources.  

Otherwise it has been restored to the default factory settings that it originally shipped with before any customer customization.

The benefit of performing a hard full reset is every user setting gets wiped clean.  

This can eliminate conflicts from past configuration sessions.  

However it does demand reinputting personal preferences like speaker tuning and streaming app data from scratch post-reset.  

Restoring Previous Settings  

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If you documented specific settings and customizations before resetting your Polk soundbar, reinstating these will be much quicker after the reboot completes.  

WiFi network connectivity is likely the first priority to reestablish.  

Navigate to the speaker’s network settings menu either using the remote or onboard controls.  

Input your wireless network’s SSID name and password security key to link up again.  

With WiFi access restored, media streaming apps can be reinstalled if cleared after reset.  

Download these apps fresh again through channels like Roku TV or Android TV interfaces on the soundbar if compatible. 

Then login to each app using your existing credentials. 

This should restore historical activity like playlists, favorite tracks or shows, recommendations 

and more that is typically cloud synced.

Audio adjustments specific to your room and content types should be reapplied as well for 

optimal listening experiences moving forward.  

Balance settings like bass, treble, center channel volumes matched to your display size and preferred genres of movies, music or gaming.  

Room calibration via included microphones may need to be rerun too so the system tunes its output to your unique environment again.   

Ensure all playback devices like Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, or cable boxes are reconnected via the required HDMI inputs or optical outputs on the soundbar system post-reset. 

Most will automatically sync upon switching inputs, but may need to be manually paired again through the networking menu if functionality seems limited.  

This fully restores all AV source integration.  

Having notes on these key settings minimizes post-reset reconstruction and nudges your speaker system back to its familiar customized glory.  

Troubleshooting a Failed Reset  

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In some cases, you may conduct a soundbar reset whether soft or hard, yet the device does not return to expected working order after rebooting.  

Troubleshooting tactics should be applied to identify what may be failing.   

If the speaker turns on but doesn’t load properly or seems frozen, attempt initiating the reset sequence again holding the reset button down for a longer interval.  

Ensure you are using a rigid enough paperclip end in the reset hole with enough leverage to fully engage the underlying button.  

Hold it pressed for a full 10-15 seconds this subsequent attempt to make sure the reset completes.

Loose cable connectivity either for power or device pairing like an HDMI ARC link can also cause post-reset difficulties if connections got jiggled while maneuvering the unit.  

Check that cords seating to wall sockets, TV ports, and linked devices are firmly inserted at both ends.  

Power down devices fully before reseating cables for a fresh start.

Consult your instruction manual or Polk’s customer service team for specific troubleshooting guidance if reset issues continue.  

Provide details on when the failures occur, what indicators or error messages may flash, and what steps you’ve taken.  

This helps their technicians pinpoint what complex software or hardware issue needs addressing post-reset.  

Acting on their product expertise can rectify difficult resets.  

As a last resort if your Polk soundbar remains non-functional after a reset sequence and diligent troubleshooting, professional service may be required.  

Some severe firmware corruption that escapes a reset or hardware defects like faulty amplifiers may necessitate qualified repair.  

Polk can guide you in submitting a warranty claim or locating certified repair shops if needed – though reaching out for support tips first is recommended before assuming this worst case.  

Most post-reset issues have easier DIY fixes.  


In summary, resetting a Polk soundbar can resolve numerous performance issues and software glitches.

By following the step-by-step factory reset guidance above, you can refresh your speaker to origin defaults.

Note settings first, then reinstate custom configurations afterwards. Allow enough time for full reboot and reinstallation.

Troubleshoot any post-reset difficulties using the tips outlined. Overall a reset often breathes new life into a problematic soundbar.


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