Can LG Soundbars Connect To Alexa?

LG soundbar owners have a new way to access Alexa’s helpful voice assistant features without needing an Echo device.

LG’s newest 2022 soundbar lineup includes Alexa integration right within the bars, enabling owners to easily control entertainment, smart devices, and more with Alexa voice commands projected directly through the soundbar speakers.

Let’s explore which LG soundbar models have Alexa, how to set it up, what you can do with an Alexa-powered LG soundbar, and what the future may hold for this integration.

Can LG Soundbars Connect To Alexa?

Yes, top-of-the-line 2022 LG soundbars now feature native Alexa integration for controlling entertainment, obtaining information, and managing smart home devices using only voice commands spoken directly to the soundbar itself without needing an Echo.

Read on for full details on activated soundbar models, setup, unique features and current limitations.

Overview of LG Soundbar and Alexa Integration

LG produces a wide range of soundbar models to boost audio from smart TVs and home entertainment systems. Alexa is Amazon’s intelligent voice assistant technology that allows for hands-free voice control of compatible devices and services.

Several LG soundbar models now feature native integration with Amazon Alexa.

This enables LG soundbar owners to access Alexa’s growing suite of voice-powered skills and smart home controls directly through their soundbar’s microphone.

By speaking Alexa commands out loud, users can adjust soundbar volume, stream music, hear the news, control smart lights, and more without needing an external Alexa device.

Current LG Soundbar Models With Alexa Built-In

LG SP11RA Soundbar

The 2022 LG SP11RA is a 7.1.4 channel Dolby Atmos/DTS:X soundbar with a wireless subwoofer. It features built-in far-field microphones that allow users to activate Alexa with wake word directly from the soundbar.

Once connected to Wi-Fi and linked to an Amazon account, Alexa provides access to tens of thousands of skills and smart home integrations.

LG SP9YA Soundbar

Also a 2022 model, the 5.1.2 channel LG SP9YA soundbar has Amazon Alexa already on board. Users can summon Alexa to play or pause movies and shows, check weather forecasts, control volume, and access Amazon Music playlists completely hands-free.

Alexa also enables voice control of compatible smart home devices paired to the user’s Amazon account.

Other Supported LG Soundbar Models 

In addition to the SP11RA and SP9YA models, native Alexa integration is also offered in other 2022 LG soundbars including the SP8YA, SP7Y, and SPD7Y models. Earlier LG soundbars lack built-in Alexa support but can connect wirelessly to an Amazon Echo Dot. Going forward, Alexa integration is expected to be included across LG’s premium soundbar lineup.

Set Up Alexa on LG Soundbars

Enabling Alexa on compatible LG soundbars with built-in microphones only takes a few quick steps:

Connect Soundbar to Wi-Fi

In order for Alexa to work, the soundbar will need to join the home Wi-Fi network to access the internet and connect to Amazon’s cloud servers. Use the soundbar remote to select wireless settings, then input the Wi-Fi password to connect.

Link Amazon Account 

Under the soundbar audio settings menu, choose the option to link Amazon account. Input email and password credentials to sign into the existing Amazon/Alexa account.

This links the soundbar to personalized Alexa profile.

Follow On-Screen Alexa Set Up Guide

After account linking, the TV screen will display an Alexa set up guide. Follow the on-screen instructions to enable Alexa wake word detection.

Personalize the Alexa voice profile, and link any compatible smart home devices that are already paired to the Amazon account.

Test Alexa Responses

Once fully set up, Alexa can now be summoned by saying “Alexa” out loud near the soundbar. Request something like “Alexa, what’s the weather today?” to verify Alexa can hear and respond appropriately from that position.

Using Alexa Commands With LG Soundbars 

There are a vast range of Alexa skills and capabilities accessible through Alexa-enabled LG soundbars:

Playback Voice Controls

Alexa allows hands-free playback commands for controlling audio and video streaming from the soundbar:

– “Alexa, play jazz from Amazon Music”

– “Alexa, next episode” 

– “Alexa, rewind 2 minutes”

Volume Adjustment  

Rather than fumbling for the soundbar remote, volume levels can be changed via voice:  

– “Alexa, volume up/down by 10”

– “Alexa, mute/unmute”

Smart Home Device Control

Users can voice control any Alexa compatible smart lights, thermostats, robot vacuums and more that are already linked their Amazon account:

– “Alexa, turn on the living room lights” 

– “Alexa, set temperature to 72 degrees”

Weather and Calendar Updates

Check forecasts and schedule reminders by asking:

– “Alexa, will it rain today?”

– “Alexa, do I have any meetings today?”

And much more – there are now over 100,000 Alexa skills covering everything from music, to news, to games and automations.

Alexa Limitations With LG Soundbars

While Alexa integration greatly expands LG soundbars’ capabilities and convenience, there are some limitations to note:

Requires Internet Connection

Since Alexa relies on Amazon’s cloud servers for speech recognition and processing, an active broadband internet connection to the soundbar is mandatory for Alexa function. It will not work without external connectivity.

Audio Quality Impact 

The added microphones for far-field Alexa commands can sometimes subtly diminish the pure sound reproduction quality compared to audiophile-grade wired sound systems without voice mics. There may also be occasional wifi interference.

Privacy Considerations  

Any Alexa commands spoken near the LG soundbar does get recorded by Amazon servers to train and improve speech recognition accuracy. Users should consider potential privacy trade-offs of an always-listening microphone in a home sound system.

Controls are available to delete individual recordings in Amazon account settings.

Add Alexa to Older LG Soundbars Via Echo Device  

LG soundbars without native Alexa integration can still be controlled via Alexa by pairing wirelessly to an Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker.

Here is how to set up an Echo Dot to enable Alexa access from older LG soundbar models:

Position Echo Dot Near Soundbar

First position the Echo Dot in close proximity to the primary listening position – ideally within 15 feet of the LG soundbar for reliable wireless control. Make sure the outlet has power.

Complete Echo Setup 

Plug in Echo Dot and complete the device setup process using the Amazon Alexa app. Connect the Echo to the home Wi-Fi so it can respond over the network.  

Pair Soundbar via Bluetooth Settings

Navigate to the Bluetooth settings in older LG soundbar models and put into Bluetooth pairing mode. Open Alexa app and choose “Add Device” then select the LG soundbar model name from available devices list to link via Bluetooth.

Try Playback Commands

With devices now paired, you can say general commands like “Alexa, play some music” out loud and audio should begin streaming directly from the LG soundbar itself even though requests are being processed through the Echo Dot initially.

Expand to controlling soundbar volume, streaming services access and smart lights.

Privacy Concerns Over Alexa Integration

Allowing any voice-controlled assistant access to private home sound systems does raise some user data privacy considerations that are important to be aware of:

Audio Recordings Stored by Amazon

All spoken Alexa commands get recorded and stored indefinitely on Amazon cloud servers so the system can analyze speech patterns and improve accuracy over time via machine learning.

Users can delete saved clips manually but disabling storage entirely is reportedly not possible currently.

Potential Unauthorized Data Access

Stored audio clips could theoretically be illegally accessed by sophisticated hackers or accessed by authorities/government via subpoena although Amazon maintains high security standards. Leaks or abuse of private recordings remains an outside risk.

Always-Listening Microphone Concerns  

The idea of an internet-connected microphone able to actively listen within households understandably unnerves some consumers regarding potential confidentiality or surveillance violations from external parties, justified or not.

Commands only transmit after hearing trigger word but hardware enables persistent monitoring possibility. Users managing private sensitive discussions face heightened risks.

While Alexa brings major functionality perks if willing to link personal accounts and data access, assessing and mitigating privacy comfort levels remains highly individual decision.

Users can study Amazon’s security white papers detailing privacy approach for further insights on risk realities versus perceptions.

The Future of LG Soundbar Alexa Integration  

LG has established Alexa support across much of their latest premium soundbar models but functionality and breadth of control will likely continue expanding forward:

Expanded Soundbar Models With Alexa

Future lower and mid-tier LG soundbars will likely integrate built-in Alexa microphones into hardware as costs decrease and adoption spreads, making their whole bar lineup Alexa-compatible out the box without Echo add-ons required.

More competitors will embed assistants driving market expectations.

Enhanced Smart Home Device Integrations

Alexa-enabled LG bars commanding broader swaths of smart products like kitchen appliances, locks, garages and electronics should materialize as LG TVs themselves transform into smart home hubs with enhanced automation capabilities.

Advanced Personalization Features

More advanced Alexa features like voice recognition to activate individual user profiles, playlists and preferences among housemates sharing bars will inevitably develop to personalize experiences detecting who issues specific commands automatically.

If LG maintains competitive pace innovating experience conveniences that voice assistants afford, their soundbar leadership supplying premium home theater content to owners will persist thanks undoubtedly to where Alexa participation pulls them next.


In conclusion, select high-end LG soundbar models released in 2022 now feature built-in Alexa support for convenient voice control and smart home management.

While some limitations exist, native integration eliminates the need for an external Echo device and provides a straightforward way to access Alexa’s ever-expanding features using only an LG soundbar.

As costs decrease, expect Alexa integration to reach more affordable LG bars in future releases.