What DJ Controller Does Marshmello Use?

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Marshmello’s signature marshmallow mask captivates crowds, but what gear powers his energetic DJ sets and catchy songwriting behind the scenes?

Marshmello trusts the versatile Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 controller as the backbone driving both his elaborate festival performances and creative music production workflow crafting original tracks.

Let’s explore why the DDJ-SZ2 is Marshmello’s DJ controller of choice and how its features enable his dynamic live shows and recordings.

What DJ Controller Does Marshmello Use?

An electrifying moment on stage as Marshmello, hidden behind his luminous marshmallow mask, unleashes his musical prowess with the Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 Serato DJ controller. The crowd is alive with energy as Marshmello's hands seamlessly navigate the DDJ-SZ2's intuitive controls, bringing his festival sets and iconic marshmello anthems to life. The robust build of the DDJ-SZ2 mirrors Marshmello's commitment to delivering unforgettable performances, making it the backbone of his DJ and studio endeavors

Specifically, Marshmello relies on the Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 Serato DJ controller to drive his DJ sets and studio production. As we’ll explore more below, the DDJ-SZ2’s integration with Marshmello’s workflows and durable, professional-grade build make it his controller of choice enabling captivating festival sets and catchy marshmello anthems delighting fans globally.

Marshmello’s Choice of DJ Controller

In the heart of a pulsating crowd, Marshmello stands adorned in his luminous marshmallow mask, orchestrating an electrifying performance with the Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 Serato DJ controller. The image captures the essence of Marshmello's high-energy sets, where the DDJ-SZ2 becomes an extension of his creativity. The iconic mask, the controller's tactile controls, and the energetic crowd form a visual symphony, symbolizing the exhilarating journey of Marshmello's musical artistry.

Marshmello is an international DJ and producer known for his signature full-head marshmallow mask and catchy electronic dance tracks. When performing his high-energy live sets at festivals and shows across the globe, Marshmello relies on a specific DJ controller to mix his music and interact with the crowds. The controller that Marshmello trusts for his lively performances and productions is the Pioneer DDJ-SZ2.

The Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 is a professional Serato DJ controller designed for club performances, festivals, and music creation. With its large tactile controls, dual USB ports, high-quality audio outputs and deep integration with Serato DJ software, the DDJ-SZ2 provides Marshmello with a versatile, durable and unified workflow for both his live gigs and time in the studio. The controller was Pioneer DJ’s flagship when first released and still retains a professional design suited for Marshmello’s needs as a touring artist pushing his creative boundaries.

Features of the DDJ-SZ2

As Pioneer DJ’s top-of-the-line Serato controller when launched, the DDJ-SZ2 is powered by a range of technologies and design features that serve Marshmello’s live and studio productions needs. At the heart of the hardware are two large jog wheels with adjustable torque that Marshmello can tweak based on his preference for scratching and manipulating tracks. Surrounding each jog wheel is a selection of transports, cues, loops and other controls to fully control Serato’s functions. The surface also offers 16 multicolored performance pads for on-the-fly sampling and triggering samples, loops, rolls and FX. This allows Marshmello to improvise and add his trademark sounds during shows.

The DDJ-SZ2 controller utilizes a 32-bit digital signal processor to output pristine, balanced audio. Marshmello can connect professional speakers or a festival soundsystem using the balanced XLR and RCA stereo outputs on the back of the unit. Dual USB ports also allow Marshmello to smoothly transition when performing DJ back-to-back sets with other artists. Top panel controls give Marshmello physical access to Serato DJ software features like filters, pads, loops and more for quick creative decisions. Overall, the capabilities, connectivity and build quality of the Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 suit Marshmello’s needs both on stage and in the studio.

Why Marshmello Uses the DDJ-SZ2

It’s clear why the feature set, design and workflow of the Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 appeal specifically to Marshmello’s needs as a touring DJ and producer. At festivals, shows and other performances, Marshmello requires reliable, professional equipment to deliver his high-energy sets full of on-the-fly remixes, beats and engaging the crowd. As Pioneer DJ’s flagship Serato controller developed with live performers in mind, the DDJ-SZ2 gives Marshmello physical access to manipulate his tracks while maintaining the tight integration with Serato DJ software he knows well.

The large tactile controls like the jog wheels and 16 rubber performance pads lend themselves well to Marshmello’s lively, improvisational performances. He can scratch records, trigger samples on the fly, apply effects and more to develop unique mixes using the DDJ-SZ2 during his sets. In Marshmello’s studio, he utilizes the controller with Serato and Ableton Live to produce original tracks using the same flexible workflow he employs onstage. The high-quality 32-bit audio outputs allow him to playback his productions with clarity whether connected to monitors or a festival soundsystem.

Additionally, the durable metal construction provides Marshmello reassurance that the unit can withstand the demanding environment of frequent international flights, transport and setups at his packed global tour schedule without equipment failure or technical issues before, during or after his sets when performing for enthusiastic crowds. In these regards, the versatile Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 aligns well with Marshmello’s needs as a touring DJ.

Other DJ Gear Marshmello Uses

In addition to the flagship Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 controller, Marshmello employs other DJ gear and music equipment both on stage and in the studio to continue pushing his creative boundaries. The most iconic piece of Marshmello’s ensemble is the custom white full-head marshmallow mask equipped with an integrated visual display. The helmet includes custom LED lighting and motion-reactive panels to display various graphics, colors and imagery synced to the music. Paired with the mask is another essential Marshmello accessory – his all-white attire covering his whole body.

For audio monitoring, Marshmello uses Ultrasone Performance 820 headphones when he performs. The closed-back headphone design with tilted drivers helps isolate sound and their low impedance makes them ideal for plugging into DJ mixers like the DDJ-SZ2 controller at shows. In Marshmello’s studio, he uses Ableton Live as his digital audio workstation software of choice for original songwriting and track production. To input sounds and instrumentation when crafting his catchy electronic anthems, Marshmello draws on various synths, drum machines, MIDI keyboards and other gear.

Marshmello’s music heavily features synthesizers for lush chord progressions, plucky arpeggios, booming basslines and swirling soundscapes layered throughout his productions. Dozens of software instruments and hardware analog/digital synths likely populate his studio. Based on the tones in songs like Happier, FRIENDS, Alone and others, potential synths in Marshmello’s arsenal could include Native Instruments Massive, Sylenth1, Serum, Omnisphere, as well as classic keyboards like the Roland Juno-60, Moog Minimoog and Korg Triton Extreme. Marshmello also incorporates electronic drum machine samples or digital kits to lay down percussive grooves, builds and drops into his tracks.

To translate ideas from his studio arrangements into playable sets, Marshmello utilizes the comprehensive integration with Serato DJ achieved by his trusty Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 controller. The optimized controls allow Marshmello to improvise his studio works into unique live remixes that excite crowds at his events. In these ways, Marshmello blends various DJ gear and instruments both on stage and in the studio to continuously progress his marshmello project and joyous sound loved by millions of fans worldwide.

Marshmello’s Choice of DJ Controller

In the heart of a pulsating festival crowd, Marshmello stands adorned in his luminous marshmallow mask, manipulating the Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 controller with precision. The image captures the fusion of dynamic energy and meticulous control, symbolizing Marshmello's ability to captivate audiences worldwide. The DDJ-SZ2's tactile features become an extension of Marshmello's creativity, allowing him to reimagine and remix his catalog in real-time, creating an unforgettable experience for his devoted fans

Marshmello is an acclaimed DJ and producer known for showcasing his talents while wearing an iconic custom marshmallow mask during energetic live performances playing original songs and electronic dance remixes. The skilled artist relies specifically on the versatile Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 as his DJ controller of choice for both thrilling live sets at packed festivals and also music production efforts in his studio. As Pioneer DJ’s flagship controller for Serato DJ software when released, the DDJ-SZ2 provides Marshmello a professional-grade audio mixer and intuitive physical interface to mix tracks with precision while maintaining creative freedom to improvise on the fly using the controller’s array of pads, cue points, scratch wheels and effects during his lively shows.

In Marshmello’s studio, the controller fluidly integrates with Serato and other tools like Ableton Live to drive his songwriting. Dual USB ports facilitate DJ handovers when performing b2b sets. Durable metal build quality withstands the demanding conditions of constant travel for his widespread international touring schedule. From festivals main stages to Marshmello’s inventive original productions, the capable Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 controller satisfies his needs creatively and functionally for dynamic DJ performances and music-making pushing stylistic boundaries for millions of passionate marshmello fans worldwide.

Features of the DDJ-SZ2

The Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 controller houses professional features tailored for skillful DJs like Marshmello to mix recordings and perform sets with precision while retaining realtime creative flexibility. Two large 8.1-inch jog wheels have adjustable torque suited for Marshmello’s preferences scratching tracks and experimenting live. An array of tactile controls surrounding each jog wheel provide dedicated, physical access to mix essential functions within Serato DJ’s workflows to load tracks and cue points on the fly or engage loops, FX and sampler duties when improvising.

16 color-coded rubber performance pads allow Marshmello to spontaneously trigger sounds and samples to amplify excitement within his crowd interaction. The DDJ-SZ2 utilizes 32-bit digital audio processing for pristine balanced signal routing across XLR or stereo RCA connections to pro PA systems or festival rigs while performing on stage. Dual USB ports enable smooth transitions when collaborating on back-to-back DJ sets. Top panel buttons give Marshmello hands-on manipulation of Serato DJ software features like filters, pads, loops and more to improvise remixes blending his produced catalog and other electronic dance tracks.

Why Marshmello Uses the DDJ-SZ2

It makes sense why Marshmello relies specifically on the Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 controller for both high-energy festival performances and music production duties in the studio. On stage, the optimized integration with Serato DJ allows Marshmello to experiment remixing tracks while retaining tight control. The tactile physical interface grants Marshmello the ability to improvise on the fly using performance pads, cue points, scratch jog wheels and effects to engage crowds when headlining packed festivals reimagining his catalog into unique live interpretations fans love.

In Marshmello’s creative space crafting original songs, the controller fluidly functions alongside tools like Ableton Live thanks to the unified Serato workflow. Smooth dual USB connections allow Marshmello to transition sets collaborating with other artists in the scene pushing stylistic boundaries. Road-ready metal construction gives Marshmello confidence the DDJ-SZ2 hardware can withstand heavy usage practicing and globetrotting tours to deliver one-of-a-kind sets for millions of passionate Marshmello followers worldwide without equipment failure while on stage catalyzing joy through music.

Other DJ Gear Marshmello Uses

Marshmello performances entail more than just a skilled DJ working the flagship Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 controller behind the decks. Audiences also notice his signature full marshmallow mask outfitted with custom LED panels and lighting that react and visualize music in realtime – a focal point underscoring Marshmello’s identity. For personal monitoring, Marshmello prefers Ultrasone Performance 820 headphones when queuing upcoming tracks in his sets delivered via the controller. Within Marshmello’s inventive studio, Ableton Live comprises his core digital audio workstation producing original songs and tracks using an array of plug-in software synths and drum machine samples complemented by MIDI keyboards and external analog synthesizers to create his catchy melodic electronic anthems to delight marshmello fans globally for years to come.

Marshmello’s Choice of DJ Controller

In the midst of a pulsating festival crowd, Marshmello, adorned in his iconic marshmallow mask, commands the stage with the Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 Serato DJ controller. The image captures the intersection of creativity and control as Marshmello's hands navigate the tactile features of the DDJ-SZ2, reimagining and remixing tracks in real-time. The controller becomes an extension of Marshmello's musical artistry, delivering unforgettable moments to fans worldwide, from main stages to the heart of his studio

Marshmello relies specifically on the Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 Serato DJ controller as the centerpiece driving his lively DJ sets at packed festivals worldwide as well as music creation duties producing original tracks in his studio pushing stylistic boundaries electronic dance music can achieve. Pioneer DJ positioned their flagship DDJ-SZ2 controller to excel for skillful artists like Marshmello needing professional-grade gear for both thrilling live performances on main stages and flexible music-making crafting songs with Ableton Live in the studio.

Features of the DDJ-SZ2

The capable Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 controller packs an array of technologies tailored for Marshmello’s needs as a globetrotting DJ and producer. Twin large jog wheels with tweakable torque give Marshmello tactile control to creatively scratch tracks and mix songs with precision in his sets. 16 color-coded rubber pads help Marshmello spontaneously trigger sounds, loops and samples to improvise during shows engaging roaring crowds. Multichannel 32-bit audio processing delivers pristine clarity through XLR or stereo RCA connections to festival soundsystems Marshmello commands on main stages.

Dual USB ports enable Marshmello quick transitions when collaborating with other artists in back-to-back sets. Hands-on controls for Serato DJ workflows allow Marshmello to reshape tracks on the fly utilizing cues, loops, filters and effects. Road-ready metal construction gives Marshmello confidence the DDJ-SZ2 can withstand heavy usage traveling and performing his high-octane sets to amazed marshmello fans worldwide without equipment issues on stage or in the inventive confines crafting chart-topping original marshmello anthems in the studio for years to come.

Why Marshmello Uses the DDJ-SZ2

The Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 aligns well serving Marshmello’s needs as an elite DJ and producer pushing limits of electronic stylistic possibilities for swelling marshmello audiences globally. In the studio, Serato DJ integration empowers Marshmello producing catchy tracks with Ableton as the DDJ-SZ2 hardware centralizes his creative environment. On stage, optimized controls grant Marshmello fluid ability improvising mixes and remixes to energize festivals and tours delivering his catalog into unique reactive live interpretations.

Road-ready durability gives Marshmello confidence relying on the DDJ-SZ2 controller withstanding heavy usage practicing, traveling and performing frequently without equipment failure across his widespread ambitious world tours delighting millions worldwide with his joyous musical spectacle catalyzing positivity through creativity for the marshmello brand – cemented by his signature marshmallow mask – for years ahead as Marshmello continues ascending electronic dance music notoriety.

Other DJ Gear Marshmello Uses

The custom marshmello marshmallow mask with its motion-reactive LED visual display stands as the most iconic component complementing Marshmello operating the Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 controller during performances. Marshmello monitors audio via Ultrasone headphones. Within Marshmello’s studio, Ableton Live fuels producing originals using arrays of software synthesizers and drum machine samples sequenced by MIDI keyboard controllers and external analog synthesizers to craft the catchy melodic electronics populating Marshmello’s catalogs beloved by legions of marshmello fans globally.


In conclusion, Marshmello relies heavily on the Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 as his DJ controller of choice for both thrilling live performances and music production efforts. With its tight integration with Serato DJ, robust feature set and durable construction, the DDJ-SZ2 provides Marshmello the reliable, professional-grade foundation enabling his lively DJ sets and inventive songwriting pushing creative boundaries for millions of passionate marshmello fans worldwide.


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